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<3's for Dave's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
<3's for Dave

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[15 Sep 2002|01:48pm]
ChuckDoc0799: Dude just promise me that you will never drink again.

That was my nite.. it was horrible.

I don't even want to see a shot glass again.
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[06 Sep 2002|11:11pm]
l i ssa30ccl u v: im gay like that
TurnDownTone: haha
TurnDownTone: its ok, u can be gay with me
l i ssa30ccl u v: lol yay
TurnDownTone: all nite too
TurnDownTone: lol
l i ssa30ccl u v: HAHA
l i ssa30ccl u v: ill bring the strap on
l i ssa30ccl u v: JOKING
TurnDownTone: ha
TurnDownTone: great stuff
l i ssa30ccl u v: lol yeah
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[04 Sep 2002|02:21pm]

I have two classes with Frank, and a gifted honors class with 10th graders.. ARGH. I mean, its not so bad that I'm in Frank's classes, just that theres definitly gonna be wierdness between us.. and that also means that were gonna sit near each other cause of the alphabetical order. Also.. my homeroom sucks.. theres like two girls I don't even talk to and Zach is in it.. and we don't talk anymore. AH gay, so gay.

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[22 Aug 2002|11:50pm]
Some funny quotes from people:

Borin13: so what are u doing tomorrow
l i ssa30ccl u v: uh i dunno yet
l i ssa30ccl u v: getting my hair cut i think
Borin13: ic
l i ssa30ccl u v: u
Borin13: idk um you?
Borin13: j/king

TurnDownTone: man im sooo bored!
TurnDownTone: wanna go hang out now..lol?
l i ssa30ccl u v: lol yeah
TurnDownTone: we'll go to atlantic city and smoke a bowl on the beach..lol
l i ssa30ccl u v: yes man ive always wanted to do that
TurnDownTone: hehe.. we could knock back a few while watching the sunset
TurnDownTone: lol
l i ssa30ccl u v: lol
l i ssa30ccl u v: aw how romantic
TurnDownTone: lol

Winnieann114: I mean that bitch has prolly given so much head she'll be having jaw problem when shes thirty

I havent' really posted a real post in like forever. Ive been so busy this week with work and fun and shit. Oh well maybe later.
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[17 Aug 2002|10:50pm]
NO WHAT SUCKS??.. Waiting all night for someone to come over, and they never show up? Why? I still don't know. Something went wrong.
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DMB CONCERT IN 2 HOURS [17 Jul 2002|03:02pm]
well hey beautiful im gonna get going.. i hope u have the best time of your life tonite.. - Tone, the greatest boy that ever walked the face of the earth:)
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[12 Jul 2002|05:20pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

4 days and 7 hours and 45 minutes, yeah, until Dave and the Band comes to Camden.... 5 days till I got see him though! YEAAAAAAAH

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<3Tone<3 [07 Jul 2002|07:27pm]
see thats what im talking about.. u are a really sweet person.. and if theres anything u want or need me to do for you, i`ll try my best ok?.. i cant take his place.. cuz im a different person.. but i can do my best to make u forget about him..

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[07 Jul 2002|04:20pm]
Has anyone tried Morning Star Corn Dogs, 100% vegatarian. Well, if you haven't, there great. Sooo are the Tomato Basil Vege Burgers.
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[28 Jun 2002|10:31pm]
I got my permit today.. woot woot.

Interboro Song
Another Interboro High School Song by Ryan Beatty

Twas the night before graduation, and all through the school.
A hallway was flooded, and ridley has a pool.

The lockers are rusted, and nobody cares.
A school with a budget, and a roof to repair.

The roaches are nestled all snug in the walls.
They find a place to rest, in school bathroom stalls.

And we're not worth it, the food tastes like crap.
Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut, what happened to that?

I go out in the field and I see such a clatter.
White trash are fighting, and it doesn't seem to matter.

Away from our school, away from the trash.
I tore out a coffee can, cause our school needs some cash.

Our school is crumbling, and they all know.
We beg to the school board, for some extra dough.

When I read the school paper, I see an anonymous queer.
If your scared to say your name, just get out of here.

With little 12 year old girls begging for dick.
I know this area makes everyone sick.

More rapid then seigals at the macdade mall.
A thug gangsta grabs his, cell phone and makes a booty call.

Now Keisha, now Shanikwa, now Tanisha, now Eva,
Now Brandy, and Mandy, Sandy, Trisha.

To the parking lot! of the macdade mall.
Now holla back, holla back, holla back y'all

Now back to the school, for i don't know why.
Graduation is coming, and no one will cry.

To the top of the school, I told roofers before.
But instead of the roof, they repaired the gym floor.

Im sorry though, cause this song is done,
Its not the christmas one but two times as fun.

So if your sitting around and want to cut time in half.
Just mention your school, and you'll get a laugh.
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[17 Jun 2002|04:21pm]
I'm the :-[
Which smiley are you?
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[14 Jun 2002|11:36pm]

Rise and graze on this
The future is a mess
Oh, where you take this thing
From us we give it in
No longer yet, oh no
Won't you got your thing
I cheer then empty it from
One over thing

One over thing
Count out the radiant life
Won't you give in now
Out of the reasons
Let a light is run

Stone and gate is lay
Hope you got your lips
Live up to your dreams and give
Wonder you'll but then

Dark and tossed away
Breach all yourself
On love is a gaze
Gone and tossed away
Leave the bane stick in and in

Oh I'll lay here
Don't give up your down, down, down
We don't need all
Heaven's all underground
Can we leave all
The lord knows it's dark, dark
Rain is empty receded
I have to say it's nothing more than
My point of view

This pride rains for a girl
She slides across the floor
And looks good as an angel
Watch, I want some more

She's all needed to me
Best thing I can come
What's all been played with me
The sweetest one of all
The sweetest one of all

Come on Raven give it up
Won't you give the light up
I'm to waiting
Here like a ????
When I say this I mean all
Won't you go with your head
Live life till you don't need in it
But don't give up on it

All then tossed away
Ah, don't you give up this little stray
Gone, then tossed away
Read, God is on the page

Pray on word
Have you say you get down, down, down
Oh, we leave here
We need more love round, around, around
They won't let it go on, oh, man cower down
Here no worry, to rest they say nothing more then
I wouldn't do

Can leave us love to die, no
Would you give your love?
Rise up, you Raven
If you like to live it down on it
Won't let you down here, would you got
Raisins up, to spread around the place

God got locked away
No, don't place it in time
We walk away
Then rise up your wings
Read the way out of the wars

Oh, my lady
Oh all, in all around and round, round
I won't let you ?????
Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom

Oh, I won't be this I'm here to say it's
Nothing more than my point of view
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::...Don't cry babydoll, your earning every tear...:: [04 Jun 2002|10:22pm]
I just want him to prove to me that he loves me, how can I make him do that?
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[28 May 2002|09:46pm]
I love 311...

7 Days of school, then 4 days of finals.

1 month and 19 days 'till DMB.

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[23 May 2002|05:00pm]
Dude, I guess posting my feelings on my journal makes me REAL suicidal. Did I ever mention anything bout suicided? Go kill yourself.
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Shows ya where smokin' weed gets you.. [22 May 2002|07:36pm]
lissa30ccluv: tell me if you like it
lissa30ccluv: did i say that twice?
lissa30ccluv: im so tired
x ravenize x: awwww
lissa30ccluv: lol did i though?
lissa30ccluv: cause i xed the convo
lissa30ccluv: after i thiniki i said it
x ravenize x: yeah you did say it twice lol
lissa30ccluv: oh man
lissa30ccluv: sorry
x ravenize x: its ok
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[21 May 2002|06:52pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Ever notice that things are so good for a while, then BAAAAAAAAM there as low as they can get, emotionaly. Im right down..

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Time to write.. [14 May 2002|09:56pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

A lot of emotions are going threw right now. Who are my real friends? The ones I have plans with, and then go make other plans. Or the ones I try to stay in touch with but It just doesn't work? It hurts right now to think that I was taken for granted like this... after I would go out of my way to pick this person up.... and they blow me off.

Oh well it just makes you think, If there not going to be a good friend to you, start making good friends. All this talking behind peoples backs is complete bullshit. Why can't people just be up front. Its like...... HA I HATE HER SOOOO MUCH, now give her an invitation to my b-day party??????? Ok w/e. I know its so childish but... it still continuously goes on. And at this moment I'm really thinking that I don't need these people, and what great friends I really do have. Thats the good thing about figuring out your knew friends, you get what there really like pretty quickly, and then the ones who just front to be your friend, well once a bullshiter always a bullshiter. Fuck that.. as jess would say.

Enough of that... Im slacking heavily in school, but still doing pretty good. I know I could do better but whats the use, its the last marking period. Rita's is a pretty crappy place to work, and I got an aplication for Hollywood Tans. I hope that it works out.. but oh well if it doens't. DMB concert in 2 months and 4 days, and I'm going with my real friends.

The Strokes are really good. Im listening to there CD rite now.. sorry Steffffen. Im so tired I have the feeling in my eyes like I have been crying for an hour even though I haven't at all. But Im still pissed off. Girls are the biggest backstabers at times.. and guys never even want to mess with that crap... there so much better. They could careless if some other dude was talking trash on them. Its just not like that for girls, and it won't ever be. I guess like Stacy said, Girls will always talk behind girls backs. Its a fact of human nature. Well guess what, Its not. Its a fact if your true to who your supposed to be true with. Since I can't type anymore.... heres Micheals away message.... and some DMB would be nice.. or course..

"I am no superman not at all , but i have no answers, for you , i am no hero aw dont you , but i do know one thing, where you are is where i belong ,Where you go, i do know is where i belong, Where are you goin? With your beautiful face looking down , dont hide away, you are like an ocean, that i can't see but i can smell and the sound of your waves comin down" .......dmb

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HAHA [12 May 2002|12:48pm]
[ mood | awake ]

StevieRozz54: its gonna be phat b/c girls dig guys that can drive stick
lissa30ccluv: lol
lissa30ccluv: woooooow steve
StevieRozz54: ooooooo yeah...lol

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[10 May 2002|11:08pm]
I should of listened to Houghton.
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